Eric Bishop grew up in Connecticut, has lived in the Rockies and the Pacific Northwest, then ended up settling he and his family in South Carolina.

He began his writing career around 2014, and while The Body Man is his fourth completed novel, he's spent a great deal of time honing his writing craft with novellas, blog posts, while working and reworking his debut novel which we all hope will put him on the map.

On today's podcast, I'm stoked to have Eric talk about WHO his protagonist is, WHERE he got the idea, HOW he is able to perform his wordsmith duties while working full time and raising children, and WHAT he thinks are some of the essential tools to becoming a successful writer.

If you know Eric, or have followed him (and his 10K-plus followers) on Twitter, then you know he's a smart, kind, and giving guy. He's also a funny dude who (inside scoop) likes to collect flags from all around the world.

Please welcome a fellow Carolinian (him: South, me: North), and a guy who today enjoys getting another debut: being interviewed for the first time as an up-and-coming novelist. Learn more at:

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