My guests on the podcast today are none other than the prolific and uber-talented writing duo, Andrews-Wilson. It wasn't enough that both men had successful careers on their own, but after discovering a shared passion, they have found enormous success as one of the most successful writing teams of all time.

Writing about military characters, covert operations, and science & technology, these men have penned multiple covert ops and action-adventure thrillers that keep their audience coming back for more, time and again. 

You may know their Tier One Series, but that's just the beginning. Their Sons of Valor Series has just been green-lit as a three-book series, thanks to Blackstone. The Shepherds is a new faith-based action series in a three-book deal with Tyndale House; Book 1 will drop Sept. '21. And as if that's not enough, they will be writing the W.E.B. Griffin Presidential Agent Series on behalf of the Griffin Estate for Putnam. You can expect to read Rogue Asset Dec. '21.

I could go on and on, but why not stop reading and listen in. They are funny, insightful, talented and all-around good guys. Please welcome Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson.

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